jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

New Girls on the Scene

Let me introduce you to Katty, Marine, Anais and Louise, best known as THE PLASTISCINES, the ultimate sensation from the NYLON factory. Originally from Paris, they sing in english (cuz they think in it, too)

Their first album was "LP1", a young and fresh sound directly emerged from their mother town, where songs like "LOSER" and "UNDER CONTROL" are some of my favourites. After moving to the U.S. they recorded their second album "ABOUT LOVE" entirely in L.A. with a new producer...and the magic was done! Pieces like "BITCH" (that's what they say they are...), "BARCELONA" (their official song for the NYLON TOUR) or "ANOTHER KISS" plays continously in my playlists.

They're young, they're beautiful, and they're amazing! and they'll be in SPAIN next April! first in Madrid, and then in Barcelona (CRAP!i wish i could go to RAZZMATAZZ and sing "let's get down in Barcelona... with them!) but i alredy got my tickets to their concert in Madrid. Got yours? Then what are you waiting for? I hope they don't get "LOST IN TRANSLATION"

See you soon girls!

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  1. Estás majareta!! Hermanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! tia, no contestas los comments tan buenos que te dejo pa la posteridad!!

  2. I don't know them but they look so cool!

  3. cool girls.

    nice blog.like it.


  4. ooh nice post - love what they're wearing.
    great blog - love your header :)
    stop by some time xx

  5. i didn't know them, but the last photo is great :)