viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

Summer Bath

Just a quick update before i leave!
yesterday i went out with one of my BFF, Pope (BTW, isn't he HOT??)
we had so much fun together, even it was the last time we went out here, in PAMPLONA...cuz we're leaving this city next week.
The best moment: when we were going home and went through all the sprinklers in the park!
HAHAHA!so much fun...
Hope u guys like the photos!

This clock works perfectly ok: it shows how much time is left to "El Chupinazo", when the San Fermines party time begin; 11 days, 9 hours, 53 minutes...

i'm wearing: victoria shoes, Zara shirt, purse ans shorts, selfmade jewerly

martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Summer, so glad you're here

please, please, someone help me! i got only 2 finals left and then...all i have is THE BEST SUMMER OF MY LIFE...but all i can do is dream about it, think about it, and i CAN'T STUDY!!!
well, just a couple of weeks....and then everything will be over!
here i post some beautiful pics that makes me wanna move a month in the future to be in LA, partying like crazy!

sábado, 12 de junio de 2010

A Night To Remember

Last Saturday i went with the guys to have some fun....well, it was, ACTUALLY, a night to remember!

wearing: zarablazer, shorts, shirt; vintage jewerly; minnetonka old boots