lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

Monday Inspirations

What's up guys?
i really hope you've had an amazing Start! I'm sure this year will be full of surprises!
I haven't done any plans lately, so i dont have pics with my outfits to upload!
Anyway, here i post some of my Monday inspirations (although now it's really Tuesday...LOL)
Have a nice day!

I'm obsessed with this ring! I NEED TO HAVE IT NOW!

miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011


Happy New Year!
Ok, seriously, don't know whats going on with my blog, why on Earth my writings are like this?
Anyway, i had an amazing NYE in Malaga with my sister, but sadly, i don't have pictures to share with you, so my post is, basically, the pre NYE party i had the previous night!
It was a semi-costume party, but i lost my white wig along the way...
can't wait to know how you had FUN!